Guest Amenities

Common areas, terraces, warming cabins, outdoor seating, fireplace lounges, The Pub, boats, lookout points and numerous complimentary bars along with a staff on 24-hour call are what make The Point experience so hospitable, gracious and totally unique.

The Point is a genuine welcoming place to unplug, relax and be uninterrupted. Nature is the back drop and sets the tone for the seasonal activities. The limited wi-fi (with the exception in our main office) makes the clear statement that life can once again be beautiful, fun, laid back and cherished. With less every day distractions, the body and mind can take well deserved time to reflect and refresh in a forested environment totally conducive to enjoying life’s pleasures.

Our tradition is to cater to guests 21 years & older on an inclusive basis with a unique combination of warm hospitality, blessed surroundings, special amenities, ultimate privacy and utter comfort. From the moment of arrival at Reindeer Hall with a welcoming glass of champagne, until the final gesture when writing a personal note in the guest book, guests will enjoy the party and surely be enticed to return.  Many guests reserve their next stay before departing the property.