The Adirondacks

The great Adirondack Park, a 6-million-acre wilderness wonderland blanketing upstate New York, reaches all the way to the Canadian border. It is the largest natural forested area in the eastern US. With over 3,000 lakes, hiking trails, canoe routes, Olympic venues and museums, it is home to the historic Great Camps.
The legendary High Peaks consists of 46 mountains that soar higher than 4,000 feet.  It is a natural paradise composed of numerous lakes, streams, alpine meadows and untold miles of land. There is a magical quiet here as one glides on cross-country skis through snowy woods; waits for trout to jump to a fly; enjoys the warmth and light of a campfire reflecting on the lake, or simply enjoys breathtaking sunsets.
Clapboard villages and quaint historic towns are scattered throughout the Adirondacks. There is art, culture and world-class recreation, but it is the magical, undisturbed nature of these "Great North Woods" which have drawn people from around the world for centuries to enjoy the picturesque rusticity.

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Things to do in the Adirondacks