At The Point, we make certain your entire stay is relaxing, enjoyable and totally customized to your desires. Rest assured there is nothing you must do, many things you can easily do and a great deal you will probably do…perhaps for the very first time.

Each season of the year in the gorgeous Adirondacks holds special reasons to return.  Indoor and outdoor activities change with each new month, menus also change accordingly as will your wardrobe. While many guests have their favorite time of year to celebrate a special occasion or holiday, we have also noticed their strong desire to return in all seasons as the guest experience is quite unique. New house guests will also always add to the enjoyment of each stay.

You may take an active part in the myriad of outdoor activities, or if you wish, stay indoors, relax, catch up on your reading, try your skill at the numerous board games or The Pub's pool table. There is also a large screen television in The Pub for your pleasure.

Additionally, we can easily arrange an in-room fireside massage from a certified therapist with advance notice for either 60 or 90 minutes. A personal yoga session can also place you safely in a zen mood to better enjoy your surroundings.