It's hard to imagine a more beautiful place in autumn than the Adirondacks. The incredible fall foliage colors reflecting on the shimmering lake is breathtaking. Hiking, boating and cozy bon fires all over the property are so enticing.  An invigorating walk through the woods along the shoreline followed by a warm-up stop in Camp David by a fireside with refreshments and snacks is truly memorable. Enjoy hot toddies by a roaring fire or champagne from the fully stocked ice-bar on the lake while gathered around a crackling bon fire.

A winter wonderland quilted in snow turns the wooded forest and historic buildings into a magical quiet of natural beauty. Cross-country skis and snowshoes help guests take a path into a world of white, while on the frozen lake, ice skating, curling and ice fishing are iconic pleasures.

Once inside, winter remains outdoors while the welcoming, blazing fires, classic movies, mulled or red wines, darts, cards, or pool are thoroughly enjoyed. Winter days may be short, but the longer nights allow ample time for great food, wine, music, laughter and camaraderie.