The Return To Communal Dining

Table Set.Great Hall Dinner.2

The Covid pandemic has created some unique challenges. Over the past 18 months, we have been able to successfully address federal, state and local regulations as well as incorporate modifications in our operations that have allowed us to remain open and offer an exceptional guest experience. Although we have had to modify some of our cherished traditions, we felt that it was most important to prioritize everyone’s safety and well-being throughout this challenging period.

In the coming weeks we will take another step in the return to many of the treasured social elements of The Point that have become unique features of this beloved Great Camp. In order to do so, beginning on December 2, 2021, all guests visiting the property will need to be fully vaccinated and provide appropriate proof of vaccination prior to arrival. If a guest is not fully vaccinated, we will require documentation in the form of a negative PCR test result taken within 72-hours of arrival and request you speak with us directly prior to your arrival to discuss further accommodations. This policy will align with our existing policy, that all staff who are in direct contact with guests must be fully vaccinated

We are also pleased to announce that on the same day, December 2, we will be returning to one of our most valued traditions - communal dining.  In true Point fashion, and historic Rockefeller tradition, following cocktails, dinner service each evening will be a seated, hosted affair at one or two formal tables in our Great Hall. This social occasion has been the source of many new and lasting friendships and wonderful conversation over many decades. This experience has been greatly missed by our guests, and we now feel that with the vaccine requirement for staff and guests it is the appropriate time to return to this tradition.  Of course, should you wish to dine privately, we will provide a private dinner service menu, inspired by the Great Hall menu. For these guests, there will be the option of in-room dining and also limited dining in The Pub when available.


We look forward to welcoming you soon and sharing the wonderful tradition of communal dining again.

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